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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To sell Sea Water in poly bags as 'Liquid Salt'

Now, Salt is manufactured by drying sea water in sun light. But it takes lot of time to dry sea water and it is difficult to make in cold countries and winter and rainy days. If some entrepreneur able to pack the sea water in poly bags like milk packet and sell in the market, that will be helpful to the world. If sea water packing ships are constructed in future, they can go in middle of deep sea to get purest sea water which can be used for cooking. It is definitely a million dollar idea if someboday encash it. Please encash the idea and help the world... to get 'Liquid Salt' which is nothing but purified pure sea water...


  1. Selling sea water can be done either as cottage industry or as a large scale business

  2. yes this seems to be avery good idea. i remember that sone one said that they have started the urugai business in small sachets of poly. The already polluted plastics can be recycled and made sachets and the water can be sold. Dear sir, why no the govt oftn cantake this? can u take an appointment with c .m. and pass on this info, or through the concerned ministry? She made rain water harvest as mandatory why not this plastics? with this superb idea?!!